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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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'20x20' door Kyle Roberts & Andrew Hutton + Spencer Clark Serenade

Performance in de Bos-garage door Kyle Roberts & Andrew Hutton

"20x20 is composed of 20 short pieces in approximately 20 minutes, the order of which is chosen by the audience. 20x20 can be seen as a series of pantomimes reflecting the absurd and predicable nature of modern life. As a work of art it aims to expose these denials of reality and create an interactive experience that is genuine, which leaves viewers with a lasting impression of the underlying motivations of the human condition. "Its loud, its chaotic, its sweaty and honestly its really fun..." Kyle Roberts, as interviewed by Creative Culture Worldwide.

Vanaf 18u brengt Dhr. SPENCER CLARK in de Bosbar een serenade met oorstrelende muziekjes. 

Performance om 21u.

De Bar blijft open tot 23u!