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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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"This years BITGRID will be our third edition and we promise you a party that will surpass all the previous ones. Naturally chiptune comes first, but this year we'll also have a couple of cool extra's."


* HarleyLikesMusic * (UK)
This guy from Sheffield isn't crazy but just as his music, he's likely extremely insane. Come rave to his beats and you'll see we're not making stuff up.

▻ https://soundcloud.com/harleylikesmusic

* Sugarpunch! * (NL) 
Sugarpunch! may not ring any bells but is a sideproject from chiptune verteran Bas Welling, who you might know from other projects like as Rioteer/Neurobit/Former Descent. In his one unique way he'll treat you to tasty chiptunes which will make you move your feet.

▻ https://rhythmusrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rr005-sugarpunch

This young guy from Sweden has his roots in punkrock and reflects this in his music. His weapon of choice is a gamboy which he uses to combine punk with pumping beats. The result is a one of a kind chiptune cocktail that will go straight to your head. 

▻ https://soundcloud.com/nordloef

* Deidream * (BE)
This guy brought us his 8bitcore violence on our first BITGRID. We are delighted to announce he's back with his new project; Deidream! Come and float away on his music.

▻ https://soundcloud.com/deidream

* Chaos Controllers * (BE)
It's possible you know these guys from their contribution to the BITGRID compilation album BE CHIPPED. Belgian Fakebit-duo chaos controllers brings the world epic joy with tight as fuck chiptune infused by DnB, Hardcore, Dub and more

▻ https://soundcloud.com/chaos-controllers

- DJ's -

Thanks to Frans Twisk his enormous chiptune collection he'll blast you with a funky set of his hottest tunes. 

* Chipwarrior *
Chipwarrior will be closing the night with his well known hard, harder, hardest style.

* Cybernetic Love Commandos *
He'll kickstart this evening on a dj set filled with original C64, SNES, NES, ZX Spectrum, VIC20, Arcade and Pinball soundchips

- VJ's -

* beelzondernaam *

* BerryBerry *

-FREE game Salon - from 19u00 till ....
Starting from the early evening you can come and chill in Het Bos to play some games, have a drink and catch up with all your chipmates.

*** Indie Game Salon ***
The House of Indie invites you to a meetup where Belgian game developers bring their work in progress. Don't have a game to show? Feel free to join us, have a chat and test drive some games!

*** Belgian Indie Showcase *** 
Play some amazing upcoming games from the local development community on custom made arcade cabinets!

*** Rastermania *** 
BITGRID will be the ideal spot to check out their arcade cabs and games. They'll also bring out a small shop.