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Boskeuken: OTARK

Culinair avontuur met kans op authentieke pasta en huisgevroren ijsjes.
Reserveren is aan te raden via otarkproductions@gmail.com

Van 19.00u tot 21.00u

→ Project: OPEN KEUKEN
SAINTS - Dieter Deswarte (film) + live performance HIELE

"The tiny island of Saint Helena is so remote and isolated that it was used to imprison the serial escaper Napoleon Bonaparte. Even today it lies a five-day boat journey from the nearest mainland. But life on this remote British Outpost will soon be changed for good with the arrival of an international airport. As the construction of the airport begins, the Saints, as they are known, wonder how their lives will change as the high-end eco-tourists start to arrive. An ode to an island that for many years lay forgotten in the South Atlantic Ocean. A cinematic memory journey to a place that feels as familiar as it does outlandish."


20:30 — “SAINTS”: Belgian premiere of Dieter Deswarte’s documentary with OST by Hiele

22:00 — Audiovisual live performance by Roman Hiele and Dieter Deswarte

23:00 — Dj Nosedrip

RSVP -> saints.documentary@gmail.com
Film: €7 / Cocktails: €5

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The film:

“Saints” the documentary film takes the viewer onto a voyage of discovery. An exploration of isolation and the impact that it can have on a small society. The tiny island of Saint Helena is so remote, it lies a five-day boat journey from the nearest mainland but as the construction of a long awaited airport begins, the Saints wonder how their lives will change as the high-end eco-tourists start to arrive. 

The film was directed by Dieter Deswarte, produced by Maarten Schmidt from Storyhouse and Andy Glynne from Mosaic films. Photo credit: Sylvie Deweze.

The record: 

Ekster presents Hiele's soundtrack to the film “Saints”, EKS010, eleven tracks pressed on a 10 inch vinyl record + download code. Available for purchase at the event and here: https://eksterlabel.bandcamp.com/album/saints-ost

"Hiele’s oddly exotic & gently paced soundtrack drags the listener into eleven pastorales bulking of fragile sustained breaths of melody. Accents of resonating strings, airy playfulness & almost sacred fragments of droning nature drive on the repeating instrumentarium of clarinet, double bass and various electronics. "

The performance: 

"The audiovisual performance is a symbioses of Deswartes cinematographic observations of isolation together with a live quadrophonic sound score by Roman Hiele on electronics & Valgerður Sigurðardóttir on clarinet. The food collective Otark has prepared some delicious cocktails to accompany the performance of Dieter & Roman. Welcome to watch, sip & listen!"