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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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"When Tangled Horns unleashed ‘Immovable Object’ on humanity two years ago the band pointed out it was to be the first part of a duology. Both albums would be each others counterpart ànd opposite. ‘Unstoppable Force’ would become a much more energetic and aggressive album than it’s heavy predecessor. That was not a threat, it was a promise. The heavy stoner feel the band flirted with in the past now makes place for a ruthless determination that reminds of the energy of 90’s grunge. A rhythm section that succeeds in playing refined and thunderous at the same time, guitar violence that is the sonic equivalent of a fierce and unexpected left hook on the jaw, that is what Tangled Horns stands for in 2016. Ad a frontman who will not hesitate to completely lose himself in songs that are as compelling as they are dynamic and you have an idea what to expect."  - http://tangledhorns.bandcamp.com/

"Belgian instrumental post-metal/stoner mix. Clenched adrenaline and haunting riffs are a constant through all numbers and ensure a dose of extremely serious threat. Controlled euphoria goes into the layered song structures with regularity of the clock in nervous, almost claustrophobic dark passages. After 2 EP's, their first full-album ‘Essay on Bentham’ was released in September 2013 (Rough Trade Records) Things were going fast and MIAVA played shows with bands like Black Tusk, Red Fang, Karnivool (AB), Caspian, ... In 2015 these guys hit the stage on Roadburn and Desertfest London!"  - http://miava.bandcamp.com/

"This band is all about chemistry! You can hear all the different influences: from postrock, to sludge to new wave and postpunk. But it is just not possible to pin down Grimmsons to one particular genre. That’s why, when asked, they rather describe the band as intense, heart felt and loud. Grimmsons is ready to play live as much as possible, to reach as many souls as possible. Make good records in between. Rather than to align themselves to a certain scene, the band looks for a musical common ground that brings a message across and represents what they feel what they want to say." - http://grimmsons.bandcamp.com/

"Hailing from the city of Antwerp, Belgium, DIY hardcore outfit Lotus are a fairly new incarnation but nonetheless prepared to take European hardcore by the scruff of its neck with a medley of rock solid breakdowns, angst riddled vocals and outrageous riffs. Featuring ex members of Accept The Change and Redding this chaotic four piece are no strangers to the underbelly of hardcore, having shared stages with renowned acts like Touche Amore and This Routine Is Hell. Planning a first European tour in 2016... Come early and check out the band with our 'second' drummer, Bert, who replaces Kris in case of emergency. Thanks Bert!" - http://lotusbelgium.bandcamp.com/

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