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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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Theaterworkshop voor Kinderen (toonmoment)

Tine Van den Wyngaert en Kirsten Pieters, actrices bij theatercollectief Abattoir Fermé, geven tijdens de paasvakantie een vijfdaagse workshop voor kinderen van 7 tot 10 jaar. Centraal staat het boek "Where the wild things are” (Max en de maximonsters) van Maurice Sendak. Samen met de kinderen gaan ze op zoek naar een eigen creatieve interpretatie van het boek.

"We verkleden ons, improviseren, zoeken personages, denken na over decor, licht en geluid. We verzinnen een eigen monsterlijke fantasiewereld. Op de laatste dag nodigen we familie en vrienden uit voor een kleine voorstelling."

De workshop loopt van dinsdag 29 maart t.e.m zaterdag 2 april, telkens van 10u-16u.


"For the love of vinyl presents a night with rough rock, danceable DJ’s and a record sale of all attending bands."

Private Beach
"Jelle De Cremer of White Circle Crime Club founded a side project called Beach a couple of years ago. Together with Vaast Colson and Milan Warmoeskerken he brought an immersive mix of postpunk and krautrock, still available on Bandcamp:
This time he will be waking up Het Bos as Private Beach: might be a preview of much more to come!"

"A three piece formation finds its way through fragments of blues, grunge and krautrock. The atmosphere they create in their live shows with loops and soundscapes, glueing together their edgy songs, will be one of the key elements of their record."
Listen to some songs at http://www.soundcloud.com/undskyldband

Nier Van A
"Every once in a while someone becomes possessed by Nirvana, and in Antwerp this tends to happen to Michael Beniest and Lander Slaets of Deadsets most of the time, who together with Younes Faltakh, frontman of The Hickey Underworld and MEAN, lose their own identity and temporarily go by the names of Kurt, Krist and Dave."
Preview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3PoFwV4lGE

"Yorgos Tsakiridis (The Hickey Underworld / Bed Rugs) will kick off the party with his favorite tunes of the moment. In the meantime, you can listen to his latest single with Hazy Hand$, his band with Lotte Vanhamel, telling stories about the house of Nudie. This song is moving the psychedelic rockband slightly more in the direction of dreamy synthpop."

Mittland och Leo
"Milan Warmoeskerken and Joke Leonare also make grooving music with woolly synths and dusty drum computers taken from old organs. They just played at AB and the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, but at For The Love Of Vinyl they will perform as a DJ duo, giving us a listen to some inspirational songs. Be sure to wear your dancing shoes!"

DJ Muziek and DJ Raak Me Aan
"Together, the Hectors brothers have an encyclopedic knowledge of hiphop and as Djs they play everything that moves their hips. From old records to the latest releases: you can expect songs to sing along to and new discoveries!"

"Come and join us in this magical night!"