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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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Sonic Pi Workshop


Gratis, maar best reserveren via reservaat@hetbos.be

ALGORAVE: Alexandra Cardenas + Sam Aaron + Halic + Tim Vets

LAMBDA SONIC Antwerp presents:

"First Lady of live coding."
"Research Associate, University of Cambridge, creator of Overtone, Quil and Sonic Pi."
H.AL.I.C (be)
"Bohrbug & Kaosbeat, Lambda Sonic residents"
"from IPEM (a research center in musicology)"

"An algorave is an event where people dance to music generated from algorithms, often using live coding techniques.[1] Algoraves can include a range of styles, including a complex form of minimal techno, and has been described as a meeting point of hacker philosophy, geek culture, and clubbing.

This is the 4th Belgian Algorave
Live coders have a strong and vivid small community. All the mean coders world wide are engaged to perform at our Algoraves. Live coding is a new direction in electronic music and video, and is getting somewhere interesting. Live coders expose and rewire the innards of software while it generates improvised music and/or visuals. All code manipulation is projected for your pleasure. Live coding works across musical genres, and has been seen in concert halls, late night jazz bars, as well as
algoraves. There is also a strong movement of video­based live coders, writing code to make visuals, and many environments can do both sound and video, creating synaesthetic experiences. Live coding is inclusive and accessible to all. Many live coding environments can be downloaded and used for free, with documentation and examples to get you started and friendly on­line communities to help when you get problems. Popular live coding software includes ChucK, Cyril, extempore, fluxus, impromptu, overtone and supercollider. Environments designed for fast exploration of musical pattern include ixi lang and tidal. Sonic Pi is designed for teaching both music and computer science in classrooms, as well as performing in algoraves. There are also impressively capable web­based live coding environments like gibber and livecodelab. Live patching is live coding with graph­based languages such as the venerable pure­data. It’s also possible to livecode with a gamepad, e.g. with the robot oriented Al­Jazari."