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Ekster invites Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft + Motion Graphics

Ekster is very exited to invite NL label "Melody As Thruth" (Jonny Nash + Suzanne Kraft) and NY based "Motion Graphics" (Joe Williams) to perform live in Antwerp.

+ much loved support by dj Raphael

Timing (sharp):

- 20h: Doors (DJ Raphael)
- 21:30h: Jonny Nash + Suzanne Kraft (LIVE)
- 00h: Motion Graphics (LIVE)
- 01h: DJ Raphael
+- 03h: End

Melody As Thruth = Jonny Nash (UK - NL) + Suzanne Kraft (USA - NL):
“Modest in sound and scope, yet unusually committed to its cozy parameters, the Amsterdam label has, in its three-year run, dedicated itself exclusively to quiet, contemplative ambient experiments by Jonny Nash and his friend Suzanne Kraft (aka Diego Herrera, a former Los Angelino now also based in Amsterdam). Each release so far has offered a snapshot of a process or a mood… Passive Aggressive is the duo’s first collaborative album, but it’s not immediately obvious that it’s the work of four hands instead of two. If anything, it is quieter and more spacious than anything either musician has done on his own. It sounds as though, instead of encouraging each other to add more ideas to the mix, the two musicians focused their energies on subtracting everything extraneous. The results appear as effortless as Japanese calligraphy: a constellation of gestures in which no motion is wasted, and so seemingly natural that the creator’s hand disappears behind the work.” - Pitchfork review


Motion Graphics (us)
Motion Graphics is the solo project of NY based electronic artist Joe Williams, who makes a unique and compelling collection of richly detailed widescreen compositions, inspired in part by the ambient sound effects of digital menu systems that decorate today’s auditory landscape. Creating custom randomized software instruments, Williams’ mimics the erraticism of the Twitter timeline and the aggregated news feed, while incorporating elements of techno-pop and jazz, sequenced through the superhuman capabilities of a computer. Motion Graphics is an ambitious debut from an artist adept at manipulating the sounds and digital tools ubiquitous to the everyday. - https://motiongraphics.bandcamp.com/releases