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Ankerrui 5-7
B-2000 Antwerpen

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Het Bos & Oorstof team up for an exclusive Belgian show of no wave and avant-pop legend Arto Lindsay collaborating with Brooklyn, New York’s finest experimenters Zs.

Arto Lindsay introduced his self taught guitar skronk at the end of the seventies fuelling what later would become no wave with his seminal New York band DNA. He perfected his idiosyncratic musical approach in highly influential bands like The Lounge Lizards and The Golden Palominos and in association with John Zorn in the eighties. Until the early nineties he fused avant garde and pop music with The Ambitious Lovers and throughout his solo work he spikes Brazilian rhythms and soul – Lindsay grew up in Brazil – with just about anything he feels like.

Now Arto lindsay will put his scorched-earth skronk-peppered electro-pop tunesmithery at the service of the equally seminal and adventurous New York band Zs. Sam Hillmer (tenor sax), Patrick Higgins (guitar/electronics), Greg Fox (percussion/electronics) and Michael Beharie (electronics, guitar) just finished a European tour in support of their brand new Zs album titled Noth on Social Noise. Not unlike Arto lindsay Zs for the last fifteen years explores any and all corners of the musical spectrum…

Tickets: VVK €15 / Kassa: €18

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