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CIRCLE (Pori - Finland, Ektro Records)
Het enige overgebleven stichtend lid Jussi Lehtisalo en  zijn experimentele kringetje topmuzikanten kenmerken zich door het absoluut incapabel zijn om zichzelf serieus te nemen.

Desalniettemin kan de invloed die cultband Circle had op een hele generatie muzikanten onmogelijk overschat worden.  Speels, absurd, virtuoos en meedogenloos zijn adjectieven die nogal vaak in één adem genoemd worden met Circle.

A Brief Guide To The Weird World Of Finland’s Circle:

“The biggest misconception about Circle is that we are the best band in the world. We are not. But we are dangerously close to being one.” —Jussi Lehtisalo

They may categorize their music under the slightly misleading heading “New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal,” but in reality, the long-running group Circle defy all pigeonholing. An ultra-prolific collective of hyperactive genre-straddlers, they indulge themselves in metal, krautrock, psychedelia, ambient, jazz, prog, art rock, soft rock, and other assorted fusions. They also have a habit of adorning themselves in spandex, leather bracelets, and other outrageous stagewear.

Formed in 1991 by Jussi Lehtisalo in his hometown of Pori, Finland, Circle have long experimented not only sonically, but conceptually, too. A prime example of this occurred back in 2013, when the band changed its name to Falcon to record the Frontier album. At that same time, the Circle b(r)and name was “leased out” to a completely different set of musicians, who recorded Circle’s Incarnation album. To complicate things even further, the usual, longstanding line-up continued to perform concerts as Circle, with occasional Falcon songs appearing in setlists.

If that hasn’t confused you enough already, try keeping up with Circle members’ myriad sideprojects. These include Ektroverde, Steel Mammoth, Iron Magazine, Krypt Axeripper, and Pharaoh Overlord. Making matters even more confounding, Pharaoh Overlord once released an album called Circle on the same day that Circle released an album called Pharaoh Overlord. According to Lehtisalo, this was an attempt “to turn both bands into a mechanical phase error in which Pharaoh Overlord would continue Circle’s career and Circle would continue on Pharaoh Overlord’s path. It’s easy to understand when you think of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden swapping places.” Such bewildering ideas make most artists’ albums look conceptually straightforward.

With over 50 studio and live albums in their ever-increasing discography, Circle’s diverse output offers endless rewards. Their new album is a case in point. Circle’s first record to be released on Greg Anderson’s esteemed Southern Lord label, Terminal is a kaleidoscopic jumble of Led Zeppelin riffs, Stooges grease, shimmering synths, dramatic organ tones, proggy digressions, and eccentric psychedelia. All of this is embellished by wild vocals that roar, soar, chant, and bark.


J. Jääskeläinen – guitar
P. Jääskeläinen – guitar
J. Lehtisalo – bass, vocals
M. Rättö – keyboards, vocals
T. Leppänen – drums
J. Westerlund – guitar, vocals

Een allegaartje van rock, new wave, psych, kraut, experimenteel en UFO gitaren uit de Brusselse ondergrond.

VVK Tickets: €14 / Dagkassa: €17

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