Kookaburra lp release = canceled

Vr 10 april 2020

(@Resurrections Records (USA) / Gazer Tapes) Antwerps garage/fuzz-vogelpunk quartet stelt hun debuut plaat 'Dry Eyes / White Mice' voor! Verwacht een hyperkinetische zanger/gitarist met een strakke bas, harde drums en broeierige keys. Het album werd ingeblikt in de HighTime studio van Thomas Valkiers(Crackups). Get Psyched!

Lungbutter (can/ Constellation Records)
= canceled! the Montréal-based trio of Ky Brooks, Kaity Zozula, and Joni Sadler. The three friends have been mainstays of the vibrant experimental noise/rock community in the city for several years, Lungbutter’s minimal guitar-drums-voice configuration is rooted in a visceral, ascetic punk idiom.

"Go listen to some fucking garage punk, you pointy little tit." - Jason Williamson

goes back to the melancholic dark 80's, but combines this with a contemporary cold-blooded sound. The trio, with members of Melting Time and Lagüna, wants to show a raw and compelling face of post-punk. They muse in a loud and introspective way about life, because for them musically nothing is without obligation.

Djs Moshi Melon (MOSHI MOSHI, Twisted Melon), Thomas Valkiers)

Tickets: VVK €8,5link volgt! / Avondkassa €10

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