Intergalactic FM: Staatseinde + IF + Slick Chick

Vr 25 oktober 2024


The interstellar cosmonauts from Staatseinde have landed their spaceship in 2006 to bring their sound, described as ’Neue-Niederländische-Welle’ (New Dutch Wave) to earth. With their brand new full length LP ‘FEHLERLINIE’ on Medical Records, three 12′′ EP’s, two 7′′ singles, a CD, several cassettes and contributions on many compilations the band has made a huge discographical overview of their musical history. Staatseinde creates a theatrical mix of pulsing electro with nostalgic hopeful synthlines, all performed live with synthesizers, a sequencer and tantalizing vocals.


I-F is a fierce DJ, one who has more music to call upon than most and one who does so with skill, great story telling ability, infectious charisma and plenty of understanding of dancefloor dynamics... Never making a predictable pull and not afraid of taking risks, his passion for sound is unbridled, and that unadulterated love always shines though in the inimitable DJ sets he performs all around the world. As a producer, I-F was behind the 1997 hit "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass," a track that is often credited with effectively inventing electro.

Slick Chick

Slick Chick is a Rotterdam-based DJ who began her journey in electronic music through DIY raves across Europe. Over the past two decades, she has become a well-known figure on the west coast of the Netherlands. Her connection to Intergalactic FM stretches back to the CBS days, and she has cultivated a close relationship with the Pinkman record label. Known for her stylish and versatile sets, Slick Chick's love for disco and Italo is evident, yet she also explores darker genres such as new wave, acid and electro to name a few, reflecting her adaptable and diverse approach to DJing.