Het Bos Club

Het Bos Club is a new platform that puts the spotlight on all things happening in the Club Room of Het Bos! We felt the urge to create this new platform because it allows us to share more in depth insights about all things happening in the Club Room.

The Club Room, which is operating cross concerts, parties and nightlife throughout different genres and art forms, is existing for 10 years now. So the room itself is not something new. This platform wants to shine a brighter light on all the things happening in this beautiful space 🪩.

So if you want to be the first to know who is entering the doors of our Club Room, go follow Het Bos Club on Instagram or keep an eye out on this page.

PS: Everything will also be shown in the Het Bos account, we just feel there’s the need to give a more in depth focus on our club program 📅.

Design: June Osselaer

Live Electronic Jam

Do 11 april 2024

OVERLAST: WORK IN PROGRESS w/ No Sugar, Felicia, Lindy Versyck, Kamerkaai, DJ Caretoomuch and more

Vr 05 april 2024

Maya al Khaldi + Sarouna // Alexis Degrenier + Radwan Ghazi Moumneh

Do 04 april 2024

De Mond + Ann Eysermans presents ‘Moonlight Shadoh’ + Papa Hiele + INA

Vr 29 maart 2024


Vr 26 april 2024

Blitzzega + Dendermonde + dj Schwarzkopf

Do 02 mei 2024

Mopcut (GER) + Lucia Chung (UK) + Screening: Frank Manzano (co-hosted by Yves De Mey)

Do 14 maart 2024

Amatorski ‘curves and bends, things veer"

Do 07 maart 2024

Adriaan de Roover (Dauw) + Jason Kolàr (Dauw / Stroom)

Wo 06 maart 2024

Salenta + Topu // Verena

Do 29 februari 2024

SNÕÕPER (Nashville - Third Man Records) + BRORLAB

Di 11 juni 2024

Cosmic Force (live) / NÂR (live) / Hiele (live) / Dj's SRD, Techniks Jan & Stroheim

Za 24 februari 2024

PURP3R PRESENTS: VLOERBEDEKKING II w/ City Suckers, Manano, 2ECOND SEAT, DIC3, ANTARES en Miserabele Johnny.

Vr 08 maart 2024

Bioluminus: Rave - Lumley - Govaert + Audrey Lauro - Luis Lopes - Tom Malmendier

Do 15 februari 2024


Za 10 februari 2024

OTTLA + Yves De Mey

Do 18 april 2024


Vr 22 maart 2024


Za 02 maart 2024


Za 02 maart 2024

In Search Of Death / Janneke van der Putten / Dogpeople

Vr 26 januari 2024

Al Doum & The Faryds / Bear Bones, Lay Low

Do 25 januari 2024

(postponed) DISPLACED LAUNCH PARTY: w/ STANLEY, DJ Morena, Raql, Buumi, Flava By Kobina - Visual Art by Kwiheba

Vr 01 maart 2024

Black gravity dance - Ebony Winter & chewchew b2b DTM Funk

Vr 19 januari 2024

'Lucid Lucia - Remixes' Album Release Party

Za 17 februari 2024