VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'De aardappeleters' + 'Interval' + 'Herman Slobbe/Blind Kind II'

Vr 19 augustus 2016

'De aardappeleters' (2016, 31’) - Ben De Raes
'Interval' (2016, 28’) - Constanze Wouters
'Herman Slobbe/Blind Kind II' (1966, 29’) - Johan van der Keuken

"The Port of Antwerp at night and a series of letters by Vincent van Gogh combined in a poetic film that can be read as an interpretation of van Gogh’s famous painting The Potato Eaters (1885). As the film does not consider processes of evolution or matters of efficiency, we come closer to the core of economy: human bodies at work and at rest."


"We wait. We wait, until I get news from home. Until dinner is ready and somewhere a brother calls back. Until the frame is made, till the revolution starts and someone finally comes home. We wait until something is worth filming. We wait until the right moment..."

Constanze Wouters & Ben De Raes on Herman Slobbe/Blind Kind II (1966, 29’) by Johan van der Keuken:

“Everything in film is a form. Herman is a form. See you, friendly form.” -Johan van der Keuken

With these words Johan van der Keuken concludes his film about Herman Slobbe. It is an honest and radical view on cinema and documentary film. When we saw this film for the first time, we began to realize what it means to make an image: images don’t tell truths, but ideas. Images are forms: incomplete parts of a complex world."