Do 04 mei 2017

Het Bos in cooperation with Ondergronds present you:

DOOL (nl)
-Dark rock-
The band, consisting of Micha Haring (The Devil’s Blood, The Hands) on drums, JB Van Der Wal (Herder, ex-Aborted) on bass, Reinier Vermeulen (The New Media, Liar of Golgotha) on guitar and Nick Polak (Gold) on guitar, are aggressive as well as dynamic, alternating shreds of dark rock, gothic pop, as well as bits of psychedelic metal in an ever surprising manner. Audibly influenced by bands such as Sisters of Mercy and Sonic Youth, Dool bends their musical nurture to their own creation, searching for a true identity.

ŠKAN (us/nl)
-Ritualistic Black Metal-
Transcending the rigid boundaries of established metal genres, the music of Škan creates an esoteric atmosphere that lays bare the nature of death and illumination in all its destructive glory. Škan's aggressive and haunting forces embrace the blackest of eternal flames and seek to unchain the very bonds of existence.
The band started out as a two-piece but have been joined by Dutchmen Ron Van Herpen (The Devil's Blood, Astrosoniq, Zoon) and Rob Zim (The Lords of Altamont).
Playing on the Acherontic Arts Festival this year!

VVK Tickets: 10€ / Kassa 13€