Bianca Baldi - 'Eyes in The Back of Your Head' + GVN908 - 'Idle Heroes'

BIANCA BALDI - ‘Eyes in The Back of Your Head’ (2017, 8’)

  • GVN908 - ‘Idle Heroes’ (2019, 18’)
  • Artist talk


Numbers and letters in an alphanumeric sequence hold the keys to our askings. It is in their repetition that the numbers acquire potency. I come to you because I desire to see Eyes in the back of your head.

To have “Eyes in the Back of Your Head” is to know everything that is happening around you, thus transcending the physical restrictions of the human perspective. The film title refers to linguistic parallels between magic and communication technologies. It invokes both the possibilities of technical surveillance and the concept of the “second sight”; a sixth sense that detaches the visual faculty from its physical organ to expand it to a pre-linguistic bodily sensation which, in the form of the premonition, overcomes the limits of space and time.


Bianca Baldi (*1985 in Johannesburg, ZA) studied Fine Arts in Cape Town, Venice and Frankfurt a.M. She participated in numerous large international exhibitions, such as the 8th Berlin Biennale, KW Institute Contemporary Art, Berlin (2014), the 19th Contemporary Art Festival SESC Videobrasil, Sao Paolo, BR (2015) and the 11th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, CN, (2016), as well as group exhibitions at Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp, BE (2016), Kunstverein Braunschweig and Kunstverein Frankfurt (2015) as well as at MMK, Frankfurt a.M. (2013). Recent solo exhibitions include “Pure Breaths”, Swimming Pool projects Sofia and “Zero Latitude” at the Goethe Institut Johannesburg.