WAV x Rebel Up! w/ Memo Pimiento

Wo 26 oktober 2022

Gratis Live concert + Dj in de Bosbar en via We Are Various

Rebel Up has become a household name in underground global music in Brussels and beyond. Their sets and parties are a mash of global sounds spiced with contemporary grooves, electronic & bass sounds with from global movements and scenes. Since 2018 they started a record label with +25 releases of contemporary sounds from upclose to further. Busy bee and founder SebCat will be presenting an eclectic variety sounds of the Rebel Up catalogue and well as interviewing Memo Pimiento.


Mexican live producer, launching melodies on arabic and gypsy scales. Acid psychedelic sounds caming out of his synths on latin rhythmic beats that gonna make you dance automatically.
They say Memo Pimiento is: El Santana electronico / El Daft Punk Mexicano / El Aphex Twin latino

DJ Sebcat