Extra Academy: Douglas Park

Do 08 december 2022

Extra Academy organiseert een open programma van lezingen, performances, workshops en screenings rond artistieke praktijk, reflectie en onderzoek. Het platform is er een waarbij deelnemers kennismaken met praktijken en visies die niet of nauwelijks in de media of het kunstonderwijs aan bod komen. Zo ambiëren ze een veel ruimer beeld te scheppen van de gelaagdheid en rijke complexiteit van wat een hedendaagse artistieke praktijk kan betekenen in dialoog met o.a. kunsthistorische, socio-politieke, filosofische en economische implicaties.


**Douglas Park. U.K and Belgium based, internationally active and exposed artist, author, critic and curator.

*"I usually make written art, prose-essays and almost kinda “normal” supportive essays. Solo by myself, appearing alongside others, for collaboration and joint-ventures with occasional and more recidivistic partners in crime. Various forms (exhibits, publication, audio, moving image, online, broadcast, events, residencies, curation, etc). Languages my work has been translated into number: Arabic, Welsh, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Korean, Danish and Indonesian. Much of this evolved from my earlier mainly unexposed (but not entirely outletless)

*visual art, frequently involving language, whilst I often wrote, as literature and art- connected.

I invariably found excuses to justify including self-authored writings, as well as readymade text and modified material. Predominantly, I came up with deadpan oneliner jokes and gameplay about, using, with and even actively generated BY: category, definition, contradiction and meaning; challenges and attacks against constructs of value, worth, status and importance; questioning what’s deemed credible, valid and effective; etc, etc, etc. Always impressing me has been: language, speech, text, words and writing; with art and all else in culture and life; from planning and production, to ensuing outcome’s contents and appearance, then any related and arising activity and material. Mostly, environments and force, sometimes body and action, occasionally other subject matter and imagery, both made-up and based on reality. Every single aspect appears as though: familiar and incredible; normal and strange; natural and artificial; attributed and inevitable; benevolent and harmful; etc. Elements can exercise exchange and influence between each other. All along, theres uncertain and ambiguous cause, motive, morality and consequence to procedures and conditions." **