Beachwave & Zorro / Liegenaar / Frog! / City Suckers

Wo 12 april 2023

Gratis live concerten + dj's in de Bosbar en via We Are Various

Sound Running Deep presents
Live music all night long! From young, local, talented minds.

Beachwave & Zorro (live)

Beachwave & Zorro, two superstars shining bright like a diamond. For this collaborative effort they combine their angelic vocals and epic beats in a tear dropping spectacle. Straight from the heart, straight from Liège.

Liegenaar (live)

"Liegenaar is a pulsating source of welcoming and unwelcoming sputter. With synth, sampler, contact mic and other variable instruments, they construct sounds reminiscent of a stalactite filled cave. In love with unexpected fast rythms and heavy noises slowly evolving into whisperlike ambient parts. Come and witness this exercise of two people, trying to become one sonic body.

Frog ! (live)

“FROG!” So it sounded from the steamy well.. FROG! Is a four-piece band bringing you sounds from krautrock, spacerock, punk to the 70’s psychedelic experience. Be prepared to get a little froggy.
Yours sincerely,

City Suckers (deejay set)

Electrifying you with nasty beatzz, making noise, live & direct. 4 you en 4 me!

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