Lena Willikens & Zohar // All Night Long

Za 17 juni 2023

Lena Willikens returns to Het Bos in very good company!


Cutting-edge sonics as the shifting of storms. Percussive and pulsating, Zohar is known for a razor-sharp and highly dynamic club-signature. With years of formative experience controlling dancefloors, the artist behind Zohar has been treading a diverse and eclectic musical path in which rattling low-end and rhythmic tension can be regarded as the common denominators. Known for technical refinement and mixing witchcraft, Zohar now intuitively seeks innovative and surprising connections, both disorienting and exciting listeners in the process.


Lena Willikens doesn’t play the hits. When she’s behind the decks, even her biggest fans often have no idea exactly what she’s playing, and that’s part of the magic. Like all DJs, Willikens of course has a passion for records and is always on the hunt for elusive bits of music, but as an artist, her work doesn’t hinge on any one track, or even a handful of tracks. She’s after something bigger, something that’s truly transportive for those on the dancefloor, and the tracks she plays – whether they’re bizarre slices of synth exploration, some ominously churning proto-industrial stomp or something else that simply defies classification – are all parts of a larger, more psychically satisfying whole.