Shorts for World Peace

Do 19 oktober 2023

Takeover collective presents

Well, Well, Well, 2023 by Rafaela Figurski

In Well, Well, Well Rafaela explores the making of a film in the apartment she grew up in. The crew being close friends and family and the narrative of a recent break up. Props from the Filmstudio Babelsberg accompany the unfolding of the drama, while the director keeps losing track of his own romantic life, and comparing real well and prop well.

Le Mobilier (The Furniture), 2021 by Mehdi Pierret

A contemporary Art Gallery organises an exhibition presenting several performances. The cleaning lady Lidia has trouble understanding the aim of such performances and gets irritated by the visitors behaviour

Aderenza0, 2023 by Sciarre Collective

"The documentary tells the story of 'sciarrettelle,' self-built machines made of wooden planks and bearings, which have evolved from children's toys into a real competition of speed, ingenuity, aesthetics, and originality. A competition that has enlivened the streets of the town of @sanmartinosannita for twenty years.."

Klette, 2022, Michael Abay

The 26-year-old Morgane still lives with her mother, has not yet completed her studies, and her love life does not get beyond one night stands. She evidently doesn't know how to ger things done - in Brussels we call someone like that a Klette. Or does she, like so many young adults, struggle with the pursuit of the socially imposed course of life?

from 19:00-20:30