Artist’s Day #1

Do 08 februari 2024

We would like to invite all artists for the very first Artist’s Day in Antwerp on February 8th at 5 pm in Het Bos.

Think job interview, but in reverse. Art organizations will take turns in unraveling more openly the programs and ways in which they try to support the artist's practice. After a brief presentation you can join an open and informal discussion on how a more open and close relationship between organizations and artists can enrich the art scene in Antwerp.

Join us at Het Bos with your questions and thoughts, for a talk, some food (hello, Boskeuken) and drinks!

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This activity is part of Open Office, an ongoing initiative by different art organizations based in Antwerp such as Het Bos, Morpho, Mestizo Arts Platform, wpZimmer, Toneelhuis, Detheatermaker, Monty, hetpaleis and Rataplan,…