Here and Then, Now and There

Exhibition - Food - Performances - Talks - Workshops - Music - Films - Conversations - Bar - Video Games - Carpets - Party

14-16 & 20-23 September 2023

In an intricate tapestry of thoughts and perspectives, this festival weaves together the creative musings of many distinct voices. These multiplicities of narratives, like threads interlacing through a grand carpet, forming an exploration that transcends boundaries and conventional definitions.

Via een fijn tapijtwerk van gedachten en perspectieven brengt dit festival de artistieke muzes van veel verschillende stemmen samen. Deze veelzijdige narratieven vormen, zoals draden geweven doorheen een groot tapijt, een ontdekkingsreis die grenzen en conventies overstijgt.

Participating voices:
Che Go Eun, Elif Satanaya Özbay, Hussein Shikha, Hafsa Elazzaoui and Latifa Saber, Khadija El Kharraz Alami, Marah Haj Hussein, Noam Youngrak Son, Sadrie Alves and Désiré 0100, Smila Zinecker.

Here and Then, Now and There is een project van Hussein Shikha i.s.m. Het Bos, deSingel, Stad Antwerpen & Vlaanderen

Hussein Shikha is a multidisciplinary artist, graphic designer, writer, and researcher. His work entails experimental film, animation, textile and interactive installations. Hussein takes the manipulation and transformation of the southern Iraqi carpet (with all its philosophies) as a starting point to understand design from Eastern and non-Eastern perspectives. In so doing, he examines possible shifts towards more inclusive and less Eurocentric perceptions of design. Hussein Shikha was born and raised in Iraq and moved to Antwerp in 2009 where he is currently based. He holds a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and an Advanced Master’s degree of Research in Art and Design at Sint Lucas Antwerp.


14-16 & 20-23 September 2023
Expo with work from Hussein Shikha, Smila Zinecker, Che Go Eun and Noam Youngrak Son

14 September / 16u - 0u
Opening Expo
Food by Hafsa & Latifa from Baya collective
Music by KOO

20 September / 18u - 20u
Sharing Sessions with Hussein Shikha, Smila Zinecker, Che Go Eun & Noam Youngrak Son

23 september / 14u - 5u
Finissage Expo
Performances and talks by Marah Haj Hussein, Elif Satanaya Özbay, Sadrie Alves & Désirée Cerocién and Khadija El Kharras Alami.
Workshops by Smila Zinecker, Che Go Eun and Noam Youngrak Son.
Food by Hafsa & Latifa.
YALLA invites Noise Diva, Donia, Bader & Acid Ponch (party).
in teken van DEAR ANTWERP i.s.m. deSingel