Zo 25 oktober 2020

Building Community

"Since 2018 Murmur has been organising a reading and discussion group for artists and art workers in Antwerp. With this first meeting after the lockdown, Murmur proposes to think together about what it takes to build community and what shape community can take for each of us. What can we do alone? What do we need each other for? How can we create organisations of interdependence rather than (in)dependence?

The day at Het Bos will be a day for exchange, brainstorming and imagining alternative ways of being together as artists, art workers and human beings: a first day to start shaping the path ahead together…

Open to all who have a wish to build something together. Unlike most other Murmur events in the past, this will involve practice as well as reading, thinking and talking together.

Please send us a mail if you plan to attend. Places are limited at maximum 40ppl.
Mouthmasks will be essential, and we'll take care of making sure social distancing can be practiced"