Sonic Obscura - Gianni Skorić & Gloeilamp

Za 04 september 2021

Gianni Skorić zal vanavond samen met de band Gloeilamp een live drawing performance tentoonstellen. Het concert van Gloeilamp zal plaatsvinden in een installatie die Skorić toelaat de band live te registreren op papier.

"SONIC OBSCURA I forms the first in a series of experiments combining Gianni Skorić’s steady hand with the sonic aggression of Gloeilamp. Both artist and band will improvise live, following and leading each other on with sound and colour. No outcome is predictable: the resulting pieces being conclusions of formation and disintegration vying for control in an environment sonically charged with light. Every experiment will be recorded live and released afterwards."

Een performance in teken van VRUCHTBARE GROND

Gratis, reserveren kan via