Different Perspectives (opening night)

Do 20 januari 2022

Different Perspectives Art Games Festival highlights what videogames as a cultural medium can do and aims to inspire by presenting, meeting & creating games during a two week festival in Het Bos.

Different Perspectives: Art Games Festival is a triptych of activities, each of which plays a unique role in supporting and helping to grow games as an art form.

The exhibition Relive/Herleef showcases autobiographical video games.
The Networking Day brings creators together to meet, exchange experience and collaborate.
During Global Game Jam Antwerp, creatives team up to make games in 48 hours time.
As a whole, these activities highlight and celebrate the cultural value of video games during this two week festival in Het Bos.

Not a gamer? Not a game developer? Not a problem! In the exhibition Relive/Herleef we welcome everyone with an open mind and cultural interest. We make sure anyone can discover the artistic potential of the 21st century's most revolutionary medium.

Curated by: Pepijn Willekens Design by: Esther Vandenbroele