Conversation with Women to Women Collective & The Post Film Collective

Zo 20 november 2022

Caring and sharing knowledge, skills and art processes are key to the two collectives that will meet this Sunday afternoon.

In collaboration with Netwerk Aalst, Visite invites Women to Women collective and the Post Film Collective to engage in a conversation. The collectives will introduce themselves and their practice through a number of short film clips. And will talk to each other about what it is like to make art collectively. What it is like to work together when not everyone enjoys the same privileges. How they use art to support eachother. How art can function as a social tool. How the collectives offer a response to prevailing political regimes and how having fun is already a political act.

Women to Women Collective

The caring embraces, sharing of knowledge, skills, and art processes of empowerment are living strings woven dynamically into the Women to Women collective. Our collective brings together women who want to make Croatia their home with women for whom Croatia is already home. Through engaged art, we seek to improve well-being, empower and facilitate integration of all people into an ever-evolving community. Since 2016, weekly workshops, gatherings, excursions, and public engagements, are part of a holistic approach to empower members socially, therapeutically, and economically. Women foster a participatory approach to community-building, bridge diverse spoken languages, and build a support network and shared values of mutual understanding, tolerance, and embracing enrichment through diversity.

The Post Film Collective

Since 2018 The Post Collective has been an autonomous platform of co-creation, co-learning and cultural activism created by and for refugees, asylum seekers, sans-papiers and accomplices. It introduces a range of artistic, cultural and employment opportunities and provides an environment of commoning for its members regardless of their legal status. The collective aims to develop creative alternatives beyond the dominant systems of control and exclusion it is facing. This means facilitating the position where one does not struggle to be assimilated, but instead rethinking and re-conceptualizing critically a future together as a community. The Post Collective develops relationships of kinship, solidarity and co-elaboration with other artists and institutions in Belgium and from various diasporas.

The Post Film Collective, born in 2020 upon the invitation of Robin Vanbesien, elaborates on the work and experiences of The Post Collective into the realm of cinema.

The Post Film Collective are Mahammed Alimu, Marcus Bergner, Hooman Jalidi, Sawsan Maher, Mirra Markhaeva, Robin Vanbesien and Elli Vassalou.