"Otark is a kitchen-collective founded in 2009 by Hadas Cna’ani and Charlotte Koopman, currently rooted in Het Bos, Antwerp, Belgium. Besides a weekly Sunday Breakfast, Otark cooks in various contexts and with varying line-ups responding to film, sound, words, the weather."

Otark has a strong preference for
Handwork / Close-ups (the near) / Off-beat (the far-out) / Slow-mo / Slapstick / Traditions / Roots and Leaves.
Otark works according to the vershki i koreshki principle:
foundation versus the way the wind blows, home-cooking on the move, and- as cooks do- works within a framework of a timeline, rhythm, repetition, seasonality and impermanence.

Kitchen: Charlotte Koopman, Hadas Cna’ani, Miljan Vukicevic, Gitte Lebruyn, Ahmad Bajouk, Liane Scharff, Jelle Spruyt, Bei Wen Tan
Sunday Mornings: Mustafa Aljabali, Nourdin Tanouti
Stunt Dept: Thijs Paijmans
Special Effects: Joery Scheepers
Musical Score: Joachim Badenhorst, Indre Jurgeleviciute, Bert Cools
Permanent inspiration: Anne Flaten Pixley