Vruchtbare Grond

During this festival young artists and Bosacademie residents will showcase their new work. Don’t miss this if you want to get to know the artists of tomorrow.


Achraf Saadi, Ade Bormans, Alice D'hondt, Andrea Bos, Ange Mukunde, Birthe Janssens, Caro Abutoh, Cato Speltinckx, Charlotte Maria Hannes, Céline Lafrikh, Dana Zhuravskaia, Darwin Cabrera, Delta Van Melle, Delphine Spinnox, Elise Coudré, Emily Van Overstraeten, Emma van Haastert, Enzo Camellini, Evien van Rijt, Sterre Van Dael, Winke Seels & Lin De Vos (Tibsie Collectief), Falk Thys, Flo Souad Benaddi, Gill Decuypere, Gwen Korevaar, Hanna Mensink, Hazel Vermoesen, Jeanne de Preter, Jef De Coster, Jill van Grinsven, June Rausenberger, Kaat Lens, Lennon Kors, Leo Ren O'faigain, Leon Jespers, Louky van Eijkelenburg, Lyan Tossou, Maart, Mick Galliot Fabré, Mirte van den Bos, Mischa Nijhof, Moenia Ladhib, Myriam Lubamba, Nastia Krasinskaia, Nathalie Van Meirvenne, Orphea Aerts, Osaratin Kefayetou, Rob Swennen, Robbe Embrechts, Roos de Buysscher, Salah Van Puymbroeck, Sam Beddegenoodts, Shanti Ofori en Ketel, Sylke Vanderven, Tara Roelens, , Winter De Cock, Zoë Nkwuge & more!

A brand new group exhibition
In the summer months, several visual artists occupy Het Bos to create new work. Check out the result in the exhibition space, the garden, the Bosbar, the garage and the corridors of Het Bos. Open continuously during Vruchtbare Grond from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.! With visual art work by Orphea Aerts, Nastia Krasinskaia, Falk Thys, Elise Coudré, Jef De Coster, Hazel Vermoesen, Moenia Ladhib, Osaratin Kefayetou, Dana Zhuravskaia, Kaat Lens, Darwin Cabrera, Charlotte Maria Hannes, Gill Decuypere, Gwen Korevaar, Evien van Rijt, Sterre Van Dael, Lin De Vos, Winke Seels, Delphine Spinnox, Achraf Saadi, Sam Beddegenoodts, Ange Mukunde, Jeanne de Preter, Céline Lafrikh, Sylke Vanderven, Salah Van Puymbroeck, Mischa Nijhof and the young people from Boslabs.

The Programme
check the whole festival programme through hetbos.be/vruchtbare-grond and in our Agenda!

Opening Hours:
Wednesday 25 September: 16h - 23h
Thursday 19, 26 September: 16h - 23h
Friday 20, 27 September: 16h - 4h
Saturday 21, 28 September: 14h - 18h

All activities are free to attend. For the performances in the Theater Hall, you can pick up a free ticket at the reception every day from 4 p.m. on the day itself. The Exhibition is wheelchair-friendly.

Bosacademie is a project of Het Bos supported by Vlaanderen, Stad Antwerpen, de spelers van De Nationale Loterij, Breedbeeld, VAI, Opendoek, Kunstwerkt, Creatief Schrijven and deTheatermaker. .