Pasdesoucis is a digital and real life art platform based in Antwerp. Solely consisting of pieces from up-and-coming artists in Belgium. We distance ourselves from the elitist perception of the current art world. We strive to be more inclusive. Represent artists of all colors, genders and shapes. And encouraging people of different socio-cultural backgrounds to visit us.


10 - 13 november 2022

Expo met Leïla Alice, June Rausenberger, Aime Fierens, Tanja Mala Ngombe

Perception is colored by who you are and what you have experienced. Our behavior in all situations is based on our own perception of reality, and therefore not on an objective reality. Thus, we are sure that there is no fixed reality but only point of views. From there, we start with this exhibition. The artists have all been working to tell their reality. And as each day passes by we’re stepping in to another 24h.

Filmscreenings door Liam Emmerechts, Lukas Gevaerts, Ante Pask, Issam Bourgine