VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'Le temps cogne' + 'Remote' + 'Ah Liberty!'

Ma 15 augustus 2016

'Le temps cogne' (2016, 35’) - Camille Picquot
'Remote' (2016, 24’) - Eva Giolo
'Ah Liberty!' (2008, 20’) - Ben Rivers

"Le Temps Cogne shows the everyday life of two children who behave like adults. They lead an irregular and free existence in a Western city. Nobody seems to question their fully autonomous way of living. A cameraman — attracted by their nonchalance — tries to follow them. This fictional documentary tends to construct an unconventional double portrait."


"Remote is a suggestive story. A portrait of a tender companionship in the secluded Irish countryside. Residing in the simplicity of the moment, the waiting and the repetition of days. This is a place where there is no space for imagining a future other than the perpetual repetition of the present. A place of unspoken tenderness, a landscape of silence and solitude in which there will always be someone."

Camille Picquot & Eva Giolo on Ah Liberty! (2008, 20’) by Ben Rivers:

"The film focusses on a lone individual and small insular communities cut off from larger societies. Rivers believes that Utopia can exist as a personal state of mind or as a collective thought. In Ah, Liberty! he explores what freedom means. There is a sort of hope in the film, from looking at possible ways of being, to meditating on aloneness constructively."