Za 11 februari 2017

"There’s no escaping the musical assault on your ears that is our annual Screenshake Party. Squatting squarely at the crossroads between the music and indie scenes, our entire line-up has but one goal: make you sweat until you drop! Line-up hours to be announced"

▣▣▣ Music ▣▣▣

"records lo-fi songs on her uke, mixing sad vocals with simple tunes for a bittersweet feel. Her tracks are about falling in love, falling out of love, and generally being confused about it all."

"I’m Bolo and I play danceable songs I like to people moving their feet. Come early to see me, or you’ll never know what you’ve missed. (Please don’t tell people who come late if they missed anything.)"

"quickly gained international acclaim releasing his hyper-jams through labels such as Tigerbeat6, Ad Noiseam, Peace Off and Cock Rock Disco, all whilst building a strong following for his energetic live performances. Sickboy is nothing short of breakcore royalty."

"Daniel Rosenfeld is a composer, designer and consultant, mostly known from Minecraft. He is currently researching the significance of audio as a stimuli for game design. He's also a nerd."

"SIT around, STAND around, DANCE around. So many ways to enjoy this electronic music from Helsinki. Also known as Jukio Kallio, known from soundtracks of Nuclear Throne, Luftrausers, Bleed 2, etc."

"Grizzly Cogs is a 25 years old guy who don't want to grow up and play synthwave/chiptune music with a lot of melodies and stuff. After 2 EPs, he is about to release his debut album, "Childish Sounds"

▧▧▧ Visuals ▧▧▧
"In a past life raxter was a GPU programmer. Had a revelation, decided to become an ‘artist’. Somehow stumbled into VJ-ing. Currently creating a game centered around what it is like to be a whale."

"Leon Denise is drawing fanzines, making video games, coding special effects, hugging trees and talking to cows."