Otark Take Away

Do 19 november 2020

A Change of Plan: Otark’s Take- Away only on Thursdays!

Coming Thursday the 19th of Nov.
Pick-Ups between 17:00 and 20:00
Reservations exclusively through away@otark.be
at the latest Wednesday Evening

On the Menu:

Celeriac Ravioli, Land Cress, Walnuts 12,-- (choose hot or cold)
Frijoles Refritos, Cavalo Nero, Pickled Green Tomatoes 10,--
(choose hot or cold)

Curtido (Salvadoran Pickled Cabbage Salad) 4,--
Cup of Medicinal Rootbroth 4,--
Green Salad (Leafs and Herbs) 4,--
A Portion of the Continuous Hot Sauce 2,50

Poppy Seed Ice Cream 2,50
Apple and Berry Crumble 6,--

Be Welcome!