WAV x HET BOS: Cloudshaper invites Indi Mouart

Wo 16 februari 2022

Live radio in de Bosbar!

van 19u-21u !

Fairly Rare #1 (van 19u-20u)
Cloudshaper creates opportunities for talented artists: Rare Akuma, Bombataz, KRANKk, run SOFA, Shlundee, Indi Mouart, Rabbadance, Fifty Hertz, clubmember & Gaiska. We believe in music & arts rather than gold. Gold is passé; we prefer to invest in saffron, sansho pepper, & Aji Charapita. They taste better, by the way, and are hotter than lava, like our artists. We only represent artists in whom we truly believe. We are also a label and organise events.

cloudshaper Invites Indi Mouart (van 20u-21u)
VICE called the young Antwerp born photographer a leading example of this current DIY generation. Starting his work in late 2017, Indi Mouart has built an impressive portfolio that has been empowered by a belief in hard work, experimentation, exploration and an urge to create. The everlasting extra mile that he goes for his work is what sets him apart from his peers and his humble and flexible nature makes him versatile to many crafts. In his own words, Indi knows that this is only the beginning of a much bigger body of work.

with guests Yunobi & Kebbi!