Vr 03 juni 2022

Berucht Brussels platform dat de hoeken van het nachtelijke gebeuren graag opzoekt.

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✦ Low Jack ( 🇭🇳 / 🇫🇷 — Edition Gravats, L.I.E.S. )

Philippe Hallais is a French electronic music artist born in 1985 in Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and currently living in Paris, where he operates Editions Gravats / Les Disques De La Bretagne with Jean Carval. He is celebrated for his distinct club constructions, fluidly stepping between dancehall, sound art and techno territories. He has published three albums under the pseudonym Low Jack (Garifuna Variations, L.I.E.S, 2014 ; Sewing Machine, In Paradisum, 2015 ; Lighthouse Stories, Modern Love, 2016) and one under his own name, “An American Hero” (Modern Love, 2017). Since 2017, Hallais is a member and active contributor of Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement with Dominick Fernow (Hospital Productions). In March 2018, he has released the publicly acclaimed mini-LP "Riddims du Lieu- dit" on his own label Editions Gravats, described as an "absolutely killer set of mutant dancehall futurism from the bassbins of Brittany".

✦ Yawning Portal (live) ( 🇺🇸 / 🇬🇧 — Plz Make It Ruins )

Yawning Portal is an opening to other worlds: a transmutation: a prayer. A collective name for two musical collaborators based between Chicago and London. They released a debut EP “Heart and Earth” at the end of 2020 and run a monthly radio show on NTS “Under Sleepy Moon”.

✦ ssaliva ( 🇧🇪 — YEAR0001 / Slagwerk )

François Boulanger is an audiovisual artist born in Liège, Belgium in 1983. He started producing music by the end of the 90’s/early 2000 and producing his visual work around 2010. In 2011, he started his experimental project « ssaliva ». After working for years as Cupp Cave on alternative hip-hop and dance beats, he developped hypnotic soundscapes based on sparse rythms, lush tones and crystallised textures. A personnal and romantic rendition of a life amidst nature and city pollution. His work as ssaliva also consists of documenting equally ethereal and removed places in pictures, two compulsive and lonely processes that have made him accumulate thousands of strange, escapist mental landscapes. Sometimes ghostly, sometimes sacred, an instantly recognizable form of melancholia. Next to collaborating with people like Yung Lean, Palmistry, Bladee, Swan Meat, City, Organ Tapes, Noctilucents & SKY H1, ssaliva has found himself playing at Berghain, Macao, De School, ALL Club Shanghai, Ohm and more performing among Grouper, Amnesia Scanner, DJ Stingray and many others.

✦ Fetva (🇫🇷 — High Heal )

Paris-based Fetva is a dj and producer who is also the founder of High Heal.

✦ Dida ( 🇧🇪 — Orange Milk / Slagwerk )

Dida is both Dennis Vanderauwera’s moniker and artist name, a prime example of the composer/DJ’s continuous flirt with the informal and the formal. For Dida, the silly and the genius seem one and the same. Actually Dida’s first LP was titled Ingenuous Scenes (2021), a record that exploited the borderline genius of “kids” by building on children’s library music, strangely familiar sound pops that toy with that paranoid and perverse inside-jokeishness of anything “avant-garde.” In Dida’s music, composition is always and never easy on the ear, proof be last x-mas’ gift Waes Hael!, an album consisting of seven out-of-control jingling and jangling Christmas carols.

✦ Otis ( 🇧🇪 — Slagwerk )

Otis is the founder of Slagwerk, a Brussels-based label notorious for their parties, bringing together the ever-surprising stretches of contemporary music – its history includes Amnesia Scanner, Aïsha Devi, Oli XL, Lee Gamble, Varg2TM, Rabit, Abyss X and M.E.S.H. – and a delight in the many faces of club, never disconnected from the families it fosters. Having had the opportunity to play around Europe in clubs such as De School (Amsterdam), Macao (Milan) and Trauma Bar (Berlin), supporting the likes of Yves Tumor, Endgame, Malibu, Bladee and Swan Meat and appear on radio platforms including NTS Radio (London), Red Light Radio (Amsterdam), Rinse France (Paris), Otis’ sets each seem an inspired and heterogeneous take on that sublime desire to simultaneously keep up and let go.

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"Slagwerk is a collective primarily focussing on contemporary music. Their aesthetic ranges from metamodern internetculture to endeavours into spiritual ambiences contaminated with strikingly metallic club environments."