Purple Wave

Vr 05 augustus 2022

w/ Epsilove (live), Maria Pandiello (live), Palmbomen II (dj), Jacco Gardner (dj)


There is a secret song
Travelers will recall
undulation from a distant land
Somewhere behind a wall
It keeps on calling us
Entwined in a spell
Time's Relentless melt
Creeps through our fingers to the deep
And the melody sinks into the quicksands of our thoughts


María has been Djing regularly in clubs and festivals (Portugal, Spain, UK, Netherlands, France…) since she started as a radio DJ involved in the jazz scene in Spain 15 years ago. Tonight she will perform a special live set!

+ DJ sets by Antwerps finest Palmbomen II and Jacco Gardner!

Damage: 8€
Purple Wave ☞ https://hetbos.be/magazine/purple-wave