Black Gravity Rhythms w/ Orphan Fairytale, Kennedy, DTM Funk

Za 10 december 2022

BLACK GRAVITY RHYTHMS Referring to the Herbie Hancock and A Guy Called Gerald collaboration from 2001, the perfect example of two different grooves coming together in perfect harmony.
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Do you remember Sophye Soliveau how she blew us away with her harp and soul?
For this edition we would like to welcome you to the dream world of Orphan Fairytale and get acquainted with the percussion grooves of Dj Kennedy.


Eva Van Deuren has been wayfaring as Orphan Fairytale for the past 15 years and counting. With her electronic psychedelia that deftly teeters between the bubbly and the eerie, Van Deuren is a prolific presence in our spheres and her music is a constant which irrefutably touches and enchants all those who encounter it. Over the past few years she has integrated the Celtic harp into her repertoire, crafting new sounds that seamlessly meld into the narrative of her unique sonic trajectory.


Familiar face Dj Kennedy is a core member of the fantastic Music From Memory label and sells records at well known store Red Light Records. Making wonderful music and releasing it on his own label 'Dream Machine'. A timeless sound, faithful to the past but open towards the future.

DTM FUNK serves as the common denominator between soul, groove and rhythm

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