Echo Beatty

Do 24 augustus 2023

gratis concert in de Bosbar! Zomer in Het Bos!

Echo Beatty

the moniker of Annelies Van Dinter.
With an arresting voice and distinct guitar playing, Van Dinter's songwriting and performances ooze an urgency and intensity, grabbing the listener by the shoulders for a ride to the exciting realms of her music. A punker at heart, Van Dinter plays with the tension between bold, gritty guitars and infectious melodies with soft and warm layers, creating her unique musical territory in indie rock and alternative pop.

Echo Beatty has released two critically acclaimed albums Tidal Motions (2013) and Nonetheless (2016) and joined Unday Records for her Ode To The Attempt EP release in 2019. Her new album VISION GLITCH was released on Unday Records in March 2023.

Zomer in Het Bos!
vanaf 13 juli
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