Little Attacks on the Edge

Wo 22 november 2023

De Expo loopt nog door t/m 25 november!

Verily! The Blackest Sea, The Falling Sky

Refashioning the intent of footage lifted from an online animated news outlet, this cautionary tale is about the inexplicable sea and the tumultuous sky– a poetic tour through the dense landscape of human foibles and crises increasingly out of alignment with the forces of nature.

The Scary Movie

Ahwesh's two young actresses, Martina and Sonja, cross-dress in vampire capes and werewolf claws, re-enacting familiar horror tropes. A roughly corresponding soundtrack of stock screams and "scary" music suggests that the girls' toying with gender roles and power dynamics may have dire consequences.

73 Suspect words

73 Suspect Words is a deceptively simple and ultimately chilling meditation on the power of text. Ahwesh succinctly delves into one person's obsessive irrationality, and his expressions of fear and anger. Based on a spell-check of the Unabomber's manifesto, the work evokes the violence underlying the key words presented.

Smart Phone

We have become a phone culture with this-both portable and personal device- that holds a computer, gossip with friends, life line in an emergency, the stock market, travel directions, games, etc.... The installation talks about the flaws and vulnerabilities of the phone - how it can get hacked, caught on fire, used for surveillance, spreading misinformation, etc. Hopefully we are not completely dependent on this little individualized box for survival.