Elise Coudré

resident Bosacademie

Elise Coudré will come to a residency in May to continue working on her installation with ice. She will show work during 10 years of Het Bos.

We asked Elise some questions:

Where do you find inspiration?

Ideas usually come to me while I am walking or outside interacting with the city. My curiosity leads me into different streets, stores and public spaces. It is there that I connect deeper with current cultures and where my mind starts wandering off. Usually it starts with questions. Then these questions lead to ideas that I use in my work.

What's the purpose or goal of your work?

I like to create new worlds & narratives that engage people in unexpected and refreshing ways. It starts with a specific question or challenge around which I conduct research and create various perspectives. In that sense, it is the tangible form of these unusual points of view that I want to share. Ultimately, my work is successful if I make someone reconsider their outlook on the subject at hand.

What’s your background?

I’ve studied industrial design. During my studies I learnt to create solutions for the problems of today. However not every problem is that easy to solve. There are systems, governments and economies in place. Also, change can only happen if people have experienced and understood a certain situation to its full extent. Turning towards a more experimental and artistic practice was a natural next step for me after my studies.