Interview Quanta Qualia

achtergrond: Nonlocal Waves 5 Oktober 2019

Siet Raeymaekers en Tomas Dittborn (Quanta Qualia / Nonlocal Research) werken tussen 1 en 6 oktober gedurende een hele week in onze exporuimte aan een performance die ze tijdens 'Nonlocal Waves' aan het publiek voorstellen. Naar aanleiding van hun residentie schotelden we hen enkele termen voor die ze op hun heel eigen manier verduidelijken met enkele mooie woordzinnen.

1. Delta Waves
from theta materialism to alpha mental to delta deepdream
delta brain waves render us into the unknown, memory won't trace the processes happening under these nightly circumstances
here we consider ourselves officially asleep even though our system is seemingly engaged in mysterious and most vital activity
tapping into alpha might give us some glances

2. Places
(only) when displaced we become sensitive to our surroundings, hyper aware
like when u sit in the metro and pretend to be from ancient times catapulted into 2020, and let yourself be transported trough the tunnels with those eyes
we enjoy being strangers on new land
whether in the metro or trough the lens of our digital microscope, discovering places within places within places...

3. Art
various mediums can be used to channel
once in a while the puppeteer shows it's grin and we smile intrigued

4. Universe
amazingly many in paradoxical union
a lonely unit in eternal division and return
for the sake of playing with itself
or maybe to observe itself

5. Kindred spirits A
as in people
just like the sympathetic strings on a sitar resonating automatically in (ac)chord
kindred spirits seem to be nonlocally entangled
a non-causal phenoumenon by which simultaneous affinity of sensibilities emerge from a collective source

5. Kindred spirits B
as in disembodied entities, we don't consciously mess with those
they might mess with us
if so, they seem to be on our side
we feel generally lucky

6. Collaborations
Together we co-create new reality valves, ones that simply seem more worth it
in name of love and liberation we are nurtured by a network which we wish to nurture in return

7. Nature
on nature's nature: see SALUTATION 0 and II on

8. Future
the blooming of present seeds