Léa Roger

Sound Installed: A Proto KRAAKfest Hang

Sound manipulator and harpist Léa Roger is a staple of the Brussels musical netherworlds, doing the rounds with projects like Guili Guili Goulag, Osilasi, Félon, and so on. Her focus on resonance, altered states of consciousness, energy fluxes and visual/psycho-acoustic phenomena have led to numerous projects and collaborations, such as those with the electro-acoustic collective Fenetre Ovale, the Canopée Music Improvisation Ensemble (CîME) and experimental radio with women in prison alongside Cabiria Chomel and Célia Jankowski. Her piece Remanence reveals the vibrational properties of light and sound in a literal way, rendering the invisibility of these elements palpable as their interplay engages the unwitting spectator to tap into the vibes. An exercise in communication through invisible fields - conversations can go deep here.

Sound Installed: A Proto KRAAKfest Hang

Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle - Vincent Van Dijck - Clara Lissens - Léa Roger

As an exercise in mental & physical prep for this October’s KRAAK Fest, KRAAK and Het Bos jumpstart their collab with an exhibition (!) centered around sounds emanating from materials other than human vectors. Through Sound Installed, a small posse of artist-musicians will take over Het Bos and build worlds of sights and sonics to get lost in. Spouting clay fountains, reactive/reflexive magic, bizarre video’d dreams and drapes upon drapes of meaning: each room a realm of its own, each realm a peek into the possibilities that may arise this fall but with far less beer spillage.

28 t/m 30 Mei

vr: 18u-22u / za: 12u-22u / zo: 12u-20u

Je kan een tijdslot reserveren via ☞ soundinstalled-hetbos.eventbrite.be