Susanna Ingignoli

resident Bosacademie

De Italiaanse Susanna woont in Antwerpen omdat ze twee jaar lang Het Masterproject Kunst, Ontwerp en Beeld in een sociaal-politieke context aan Sint Lucas Antwerpen volgt. Daarvoor stak ze haar energie in het behalen van een bachelor visual and communication design in Milaan.

Susanna is gefascineerd door kunst in al haar vormen en verdiept zich constant in nieuwe kunstpraktijken. Haar eerste en grootste liefde blijft echter illustratie.

Describe how you've developed your art career so far.
I began to be very fascinated by the world of art since I was a child: I have always loved drawing, cutting, sculpting, modeling and creating any type of object with the things I found around me! During high school I started to take part as a volunteer in various music festivals in Europe to be able to contribute to the organization and on all these occasions I have always tried to lend a hand even for tasks that involved a more artistic approach, trying to use the practices that I love for events related to the musical world, which I also feel very close to. I began to understand that these passions could become a job when I had to choose my university path. In my university experiences in Milan, in Erasmus in Paris and now in Antwerp for my master I am learning many different things and I have gradually become more aware; for this reason, over the years I have also decided to gain work experience in a studio and have started working on some projects as a freelance. I now all support a project by some friends in Italy that aims to convey a sense of community in the area where I grew up and I often help them from a graphic point of view; moreover, I always try to participate in initiatives that make it possible to create connections between the various artists and that open the doors to new possibilities.

Why do you want to make art?
I want to make art first of all because it is something I need. When I have an idea about something I would like to create, the thought echoes in my head until I create it. I must admit that I am a person who is easily impressed by small things, but at the same time I believe I also have the ability to be able to perceive details that many people often ignore in the reality that surrounds us. Often it is precisely to grasp these things that fascinates me and through what I create I try to transmit these same sensations to others. In addition to this, over the years I have learned how anyone can create art, you don't need to be precise, you don't need to be good at drawing, you don't need to be the best musicians of the decade or create sculptures that look like a copy of reality, the important thing is being able to express one's thoughts in a unique and personal way, therefore the very moment in which one "makes art" can become an invitation for everyone to consequently try to express themselves with any type of practice.

How can your work affect societal issues?
Art can play a speculative role and still be very powerful. In general, I like to work on projects that connect people and put them in the position of being able to compare and learn something from each other, to have a greater awareness of the different identities that are part of society and not stop at prejudices. Art has the ability to make something invisible to the eye, visible. It has the power to focus attention on different types of topics and to attract different types of people.

Describe your ideal working environment.
My ideal work environment is a place that stimulates both collective moments, but whether it allows you to have more individual moments of creation, in which there is the possibility of either working in silence or being accompanied by music. A place where there is also the possibility to surround yourself with other people and which has different materials to use and to be inspired by. Maybe he has works by other artists or books to browse. In general, a place that is versatile and that can accommodate different types of situations without making anyone feel "out of place". A place where you can work but where at the same time different people can access means that you can more easily create moments of conversation and comparison with other points of view, therefore being more aware of what your work raises while you are in the process of production. Furthermore, in an environment like this it would allow you to consider projects with direct interaction with the public more often, the possibility of creating workshops, organizing activities in a place where you feel comfortable.

What do you expect to learn from a Bosacademie residency?
I think that entering the Bosacademie is an opportunity to be closer and better understand the dynamics of the art world here in Antwerp, and in general in Belgium where I have recently arrived. What attracts me is to see how, in the case of Het Bos in particular, the same organization is open to many different types of events and promotes different artistic styles. Consequently I think that having the opportunity to get in touch with such different groups of people is an excellent opportunity to broaden my artistic horizons and create new possible collaborations. I am happy to be able to collaborate on the creation of a workshop and I hope this is only the first of other projects together. I have always liked the idea of being able to give my contribution in supporting realities that support creative projects, both through volunteering and in particular by being able to help through my artistic practice. I believe that this would inevitably lead to mutual support and the possibility of "giving each other" something. Starting with the fanzine project excites me because I see it as a moment in which people should appreciate the possibility of carrying out a very free and creative practice together, and not experiencing the activity as a lesson to be followed with maximum concentration; I myself (and Anna if she confirms that she wants to participate) will take part in the activities and I hope this makes it clear even more how this should be a moment of sharing. In addition to the fanzine workshop I would like to be able to gladly help in other activities organized by Het Bos. Furthermore, as I anticipated last time, the idea of the project that I am carrying out for my course of study at Sint Lucas has undergone some variations, but at the moment the direction seems to be defined. Despite the changes, I would like it if there still continues to be a phase strictly focused on interacting with external people through a workshop. Anyone could really participate in the workshop, there is no need to have specific skills and you could take part individually or in groups. Hope we get a chance to talk about that too!

Susanna Ingignoli organiseerde, in 2022, 4 Fanzine workshops in Het Bos op de woensdagen 16 maart, 23 maart, 30 maart en 6 april , nam deel aan de Vruchtbare Grond Expo van 21 april tot en met 1 mei 2022 én zette vervolgens haar Fanzine Chillzone voort op alle verdere woensdagavonden van 2023 in Het Bos. Op Zaterdag 6 mei 2023 stelt ze het Chill Zine officieel voor tijdens het Vruchtbare Grond festival!