WAV in Het Bos!

nieuw goed volk in huis

We Are Various is verhuisd van het FOMU naar Het Bos.

We hadden al een aantal liefdesbaby’s
maar gaan er vanuit dat de vonken er vanaf nu nog meer vanaf zullen spatten.

Welkom WAV Radio !

"After almost three great years of transmitting from the museum of photography (FOMU), time has come to start a new chapter. The WAV caravan waved out the museum in Antwerp South district, headed for Antwerp North, and has landed in Het Bos!

WAV may be a worldwide online radio, and as a medium is volatile by nature, but being firmly anchored in the urban fabric of Antwerp has always been important to the functioning of the radio. Not so much in the sense of being assigned to one fixed place, but rather in the sense of being present in different places at the same time, and the dynamics that this can bring about.

Being solidly embedded in a city community, and at the same time having the freedom of movement (our sonic ship has wheels), stimulates something that is important to us since day one: the chance to exchange and cooperate, the ability to link and connect.

So, obviously, we are very happy to call Het Bos our home for a while. This cultural venue and youth work center carries cooperation, experiment and exploration in its DNA. Besides, WAV & Het Bos are not exactly strangers to each other. From almost the very conception of WAV, there has been some serious cross-pollination going on between the two of us. Check out and listen to the already impressive list of collabs and radioshows through links below. The entire WAV team is tremendously looking forward to transmit from such an inspirational place and is curious to see what the analog interaction between like-minded will bring about in the future."

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