Zaiyun Huang

resident Bosacademie

Zaiyun Huang is a cook and a visual artist. She will organise 'a crocodile dinner' for a small group of people during Vruchtbare Grond and she will provide Chinese snacks in her hand built oven during the Closet Sale on the 7th of May.

We asked Zaiyun some questions :

Where are you born?

I was born in a small town in the south of China, plain even bit obscure childhood. I awared that later it affected my lot as I've have seen how big change in China is every 10 years every 5 years and every year, people have to refresh and update on all the changes. To be an artist is an issue and I was told not to be special, and I was especially told by my parents anyhow I am just a girl.

What do you expect to learn from a residency in Bosacademie?

A project to focus and being around with inspiring talents and brave artists.

When is your favorite time of day to create?

Afternoon easy on time to make after computer job .

Describe how art is important to society.

Actually, I am confused as I feel the art climate is requiring the artists to have a strong conscious to have a social effect. I have the question that art can’t be nonsense or useless? I made a Proletarian Artist art project with a long speech to discuss the social structure and what’s the real artist’s contribution. I am not an artist fond of politics, but when the time I make it I am very honest to convey my questions and angry. And everyone there with a tomato, if not agree, can throw to me, otherwise a flower.

Tell us how you have developed your art career so far.

I have a ceramics studio in China in my town, I am very retarded in business and my studio was fully filled with some very strange objects even myself I don't understand either, but very lucky the time a very influential artist collects my works and gave me the idea that I have to be honest and to be myself. money comes very later.

How has your education helped you in your career?

School education is a space of time and being concentrated.

How do you seek out opportunities?

I always have the idea to be quiet to make works and less effected , even I am still refuse to have Instagram, it’s a wrong idea maybe.