VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'Yoko Osha' + 'Bare Faced'

Vr 12 augustus 2016

'Yoko Osha' (2015, 40’) van Lazara Rosell Albear
'Bare Faced' (2015, 23’) van Sammy Baloji en Lazara Rosell Albear

"Lazara Rosell Albear returns to the magical–realistic world of Santeria or Regla de Osha: the mysterious religion practiced in secrecy by more than 70% of the Cuban population in the director’s home country Cuba. The film interweaves an intimate portrayal of this tradition with his rules and ritualistic initiations, with personal experiences and audiovisual recreations, performance and poetry."

Lazara Rosell Albear on Bare Faced (2015, 23’) by Sammy Baloji and Lazara Rosell Albear:

"Bare-Faced is a collaboration with Congolese artist Sammy Baloji. The starting point for both of us was the search for our common personal history. We followed the Central-African Kongo-culture from Congo to Cuba, guided by the inherited religious practices in which ‘trance’ plays an important role. By bringing the past in connection with the present, this project is an artistic reinterpretation of our memories in transgression and by so doing reveals the necessity of the transmission. The film interweaves in an experimental way autoetnographic research, brought to light in multilayers of knowledge, mixing documentary styles, performative re-stagings and poetry."