VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'All We Ever Wanted Was Everything' + 'The Meaning of Style' + 'Switzerland'

Za 13 augustus 2016

'All We Ever Wanted Was Everything' (2014, 18’) - Enzo Smits

'The Meaning of Style' (2011, 5’) - Phil Collins
'Switzerland' (1984, 4’) - Gus Van Sant

"The film portrays a group of young skateboarders growing up in a Flemish suburban town. The story unfolds itself one image at a time, almost like a cinematographic photobook. We meet different characters going through their daily routines: riding around on their skateboards, waiting, hanging out, daydreaming... They fantasize about going away, but don’t know where to go. The images on their TV screens serve as a gateway, just like the posters on their bedroom walls. The film is a personal retrospective on youth told through moments with friends, accidental encounters, places, trivial moments, reenactments of memories, ...."

Enzo Smits on The Meaning of Style (2011, 5’) by Phil Collins and Switzerland (1984, 4’) by Gus Van Sant:

"The Meaning Of Style is a short made by Phil Collins (the filmmaker not the “singer”) commissioned by the 2011 Singapore Biënnale. It’s a beautiful meditative film featuring a group of Malaysian skinheads. Switzerland is a short film by Gus Van Sant. A static black and white shot of a young guy who talks about his origins and his dreams."