VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'Little Figures' + 'Les glaneurs et la glaneuse'

Di 16 augustus 2016

'Little Figures' (2003, 15’) - Sarah Vanagt
'Les glaneurs et la glaneuse' (2000, 82’) - Agnès Varda

"Three statues on the Mont des Arts in Brussels: a King, a Queen and a medieval knight. Three newcomers to Brussels: a Philippino boy, a Rwandan refugee girl and a Moroccan boy. Three statues, three children. an imaginary conversation."

Sarah Vanagt on Les glaneurs et la glaneuse (2000, 82’) by Agnès Varda:

"In the film ‘Les glaneurs et la glaneuse’ Agnès Varda examines what the word - or notion or even gesture - of ‘gleaner’ signifies today, what forms it takes and who the new gleaners, who collect leftover crops after harvest, are.

Agnès Varda works with her ’caméra-plume’ as a filming ’glaneuse’, an image gatherer, filming loosely and impulsively, without well-defined script. She goes down side roads leading to unexpected and often playful observations. It is especially because of this playfulness that characterizes all of her films and installations that I chose this film by Agnès Varda."