VISITE (film in Het Bos): 'There are no images' + 'Cavalo Dinheiro'

Za 20 augustus 2016

'There are no images' (2015, 13’) - Miguel Peres dos Santos
'Cavalo Dinheiro' (2014, 115’) - Pedro Costa

"A proposal for a reflection upon a possible link between image and memory; between image and moment; and between image and death. The deceased father, a son and a murdered child entangled in a monologue constructed departing from a moment : “does an image die?”; “and if an image dies”... “what will happen to memory?”

Miguel Peres dos Santos on Cavalo Dinheiro (2014, 115’) by Pedro Costa:

"The psychological and socio-historical context that the film refers to are intrinsically linked to Portuguese Colonialism and its aftermath. Not being familiar with this context can cause the alienation of the viewer, and still, this same alienation is a key factor in the film itself.

The film pivots on José Tavares Borges’s (aka Ventura) fragmented memories and traumas in a quasi Freudian approach. But as Costa himself described the film was “very difficult, heartbreaking to do” “throughout our twenty year friendship Ventura has told me stories of what he calls his ‘prison’. He’s very sick, and tries to remember them, but maybe that is not the best. Other people make films to remember, but this film does not, I think it is a film for forgetting.”