Do 09 februari 2017

Het Bos and Ondergronds present: 

WEDERGANGER (nl)  - First show in Belgium!!
"Gueldrian Black Metal! With (ex) members of Fluisterwoud, Heidevolk, Botulistum and Zwartketterij you know this can't go wrong. Expect a live performance of a fierce and intence worshipping of black art!"

DJEVEL (no) - First and exclusive show in Belgium!!
"Norwegian Black Metal! And again, with (ex) members of Kvelertak, Koldbrann, Furze, Urgehal, Lja, Enslaved, Aura Noir,... (the list is endless) we can speak of a real super band! You want to know how "Norwegian Black Metal" has became a quality label, just come to the show and see for yourself!!"

"Black Metal. After some years of silence they started working again on a new album. So the time is here to bring their new songs to the stage! With their new bass player (Black Narcissus) and new songs, they will give the best they have with massive energy and passion!"

Doors - 19h30
First band - 20h00
End time - 23h30

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