Nonlocal Waves: Quanta Qualia ~ Vica Pacheco ~ Orphan Drift ~ Accou ~ Sandra Lolax & Lendl Barcelos

Za 05 oktober 2019

Delta~Wave + Nonlocal Research present

Quanta Qualia (cl/be, installation & performance)

Quanta Qualia is the entanglement of Tomàs Dittborn and Siet Raeymaekers also co-running the Nonlocal Research label and the Nonlocal Society collective. Their aesthetic operations emerge through intermingled zones of music, body gesture and visual art. QQ's main resources are left-overs from the ruins of the spectacle. Unique pieces of litter are rediscovered through a sience-fictional archeology of the present. Live they create strange feedback loops between Siet’s moving body images and Tomàs’ sound views. Here the found objects become actors and companions for imaginary narratives that constantly arise and disintegrate into ever morphing meanings.

Vica Pacheco (mx/be, audio-visual concert)

Vica unfolds airy electronic layers and fragile shapes sculpted from remote recordings and ambient daydreaming. She blends origins and destinations of collected sounds, turning them into a warm sonic diary. Mexican born and Brussels based, she is a part of the art collective Outreglot, soon to release "Vocamorfosis", a radiophonic opera on Nonlocal Research.

0rphan Drift - If AI were Cephalopod (cpt/uk, film presentation)

0rphan Drift’s contemporary portal manifests in video projections, installations, texts and site specific projects. Considering current narratives around climate crisis, synthetic intelligence and interspecies communication, we imagine AI through the somatic tendencies of the octopus in order to explore possibilities in expanding and inhabiting other systems of perception and proprioception. We continue to work with moving images, digital textures, machine vision and ancient predictive technologies such as the I-Ching to create non-linear narratives and installations.

Accou (fra, tape release video screening)

Accou’s performances are journeys: through collages of field recordings blended with a slightly worrying incoherent juxtaposition of synthesizers, he tells a flamboyant yet delusional pilgrimage of a marauder at the edges of the somewhat coming enlightenment.

Sandra Lolax & Lendl Barcelos - Story of the Outside Eye (se/ca, performance)

Story of the Outside Eye starts with a name & fleshes itself out over time as a performance. Trying to make sense of it are soon-to-be-physiotherapist Sandra Lolax & PhD deserter Lendl Barcelos. So far they have noticed that outside eyes feed on dance material. On Saturday, eyes meet across two rooms filled with empty conceits where they strive to top one another by developing ever unlikelier, ever more perfect readings: a missing version of Reich's Clapping Music for cleated soles; the house stepped slalom; digital vexations; and the scanning of things you recognize but don't want to know the specifics of. Sandra's glass is usually half empty. Lendl is heard laughing.

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